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Курбон Назаров

Менеджер программ по миграции и социальной защиты

Nazarov Kurbon

71/3 Jabbor Rasulov Street, Apt. 49, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Mobile phone: + 992 90 505 92 00 , 888000773                                                 





July-December 2018

National Consultant on effective management of employment and migration processes at the local level.

NGO «Tajikistan networks of women living with HIV»

April 2016-June 2018.

The consultant and trainer for the creation of conditions for the organization of income generating activities and the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the NGO «Tajikistan networks of women living with HIV»

International Organization for Migration     

IOM Community Stabilisation Programme                                                                                  

Project Assistant

May 2015 — March 2016,


  • Carry out research to determine the needs of the population of border regions of GBAO;
  • Creation of working groups at the district level on issues of labor migration and issues related to cross-border cooperation,
  • In cooperation with the adult training center of the Ministry of Labour, organization and delivery of various courses related to trades.
  • Development of an application for grant recipients, distribution of applications in all jamoats of GBAO and collection of applications, together with local NGOs and the Employment Centers participate in the Commission to identify the winners of grants;
  • Grants-distribution and monitoring activities of grant recipients;
  • Carrying out of monitoring of infrastructure projects in the border areas;
  • Organization of various cultural, sports, training and workshop events related to the strengthening and improvement of the level of trust and relationships among the population residing in border areas of GBAO.


International Organization for Migration     

IOM Community Stabilisation Programme                                                                                 

Project Consultant

February 2014 — April 2015,


  • Carry out research to determine the level of trust between the border communities of Afghanistan and Tajikistan;
  • In collaboration with NGO partners, organize and delivery of a variety of sports, cultural and other events, as well as trainings among the population residing in border areas to increase the level of trust and understanding between population of Tajikistan and Afghanistan;
  • Organization and delivery of cultural activities to build trust and understanding among the border guards and border residing population on fight against drug trafficking and illegal crossing of the state border;
  • Delivery of trainings on labor migration thematic for the governmental agencies’ staff working in the border areas.


From 2013 up to February 2014

NGO “Ghamkhori”

Consultant on the issues of the labour market and labour migration


  • Development of the different modules;
  • Analyses of the status of labour market and labour migration in Khatlon Oblast;
  • Conduction of different round tables, conferences and other events under the Project with participation of the representatives of local hukumat;


In addition, under the Labour Migration Project was hired as a Researcher for the NGO “MHAIDS” for evaluation and analyses of the project activities on the labour migration, monitoring and recommendations for the initiative groups created at the level of jamoats, for representatives of jamotas and local hukumats.


International Organization for Migration                                                                                        Dushanbe, Tajikistan

From 2001 up to 2012

Project Assistant                                                                                     


  • Collect and provide necessary information and assist in planning, organizing and developing of all aspects of the programme;
  • Establish contacts with individuals of selected project target groups in the fields/project sites and obtain information from surrounding social environment;
  • Work closely with programme partners, especially MSCs and NGOs in the process of project implementation;
  • Conduct surveys, interviews and obtain information from project target groups in participatory and creative ways in accordance with project aims and purposes;
  • Advise the SPA as well as participate in designing and changing of questionnaires according to the work experience gained in the fields;
  • Advise the SPA on new trends of migration in target regions;
  • Organize trainings, including all associated administrative work;
  • Advise the SPA on effectiveness of training and testing methodology and curricula;
  • Advise the SPA on identification of qualified trainers on IOM roster for conducting all target trainings envisioned or planned for the program.
  • Work closely with local residents and obtain information on project participants and beneficiaries in target regions;
  • Conduct regular project monitoring in the field, including supervision of project field actors and advising them on successful project implementation;
  • Submit regular reports both after field trips and upon working with individual project participants;
  • Actively participate in program staff meetings and make suggestions on improvement of the program implementation;
  • Participate in field meetings when necessary;
  • Forecasts and compiles estimation of planned activities, including trainings, seminars, conferences and other events;
  • Facilitate or participate in radio talk shows and advise to properly design audio & video materials, when deemed necessary;
  • Abide strictly by UN security rules especially during business trips.


Participated in carrying out of the following researches:


1).   Influence of financial crisis on the remittance of the labour migrants (2008)

2).   Research of the influence of migration on the migrants households (2007)

3).   Research on the use of child labour during the collection cotton in the Republic of Tajikistan (2011)

4).   Under the Rural Economic Development Project  of Sughd Oblast conducted the labour market research and labour migration in Sughd Oblast (together with Consulting Company “M-Vector”), 2012


Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan                                      Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Leading Specialist                                                                                                                      


March 1995 — January 2001

  • To adopt state employment program in districts provinces;
  • To determine labour resources, number of unemployed, labour market forecasting, vocational training of the unemployed;
  • To organize paid public services for the unemployed;
  • To compile and develop a nationwide state employment program after thorough coordination with relevant state ministries and agencies and its further endorsement by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan


Secondary School No 38                                                                                                         Orgonekidzeobod, Tajikistan

Russian Language Teacher                                                                                                  August 1989 – December 1992

  • Teaching of Russian language for Grades 6 — 10


Secondary School No 37                                                                                                                      Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Deputy Director                                                                                                              December 1992 – March 1995

  • Manage all school-related activities



Teacher in Training Institute                                                                                                               Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Russian language and philology

Sep. 1982 – July 1989



  • Basics of Entrepreneurship and Business. February 17-27, 2001. Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • Start and Improve Your Business. April 13-23, 2004. Dushanbe, Tajikistan
  • Pre-departure Orientation for Labour Migrants, July 14-16, 2011. Khujand, Tajikistan
  • Effective Family Budget Management, May 17-20, 2011. Panjakent, Tajikistan
  • Remittance of the labour migrants for communities development (2010), Dushanbe, RT



Languages:     Tajik (native); Russian,

Skills:              Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000, 2007 – Word, Exсel

Other skills:    Good managerial and communication skills, responsible and demandable, organized and well adjusted to diversity +992 888000773


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